With the passage of health care reform legislation, the Affordable Care Act makes many changes to employee benefit plans over time. Some changes went into effect as early as 2010 and others will be implemented by 2018.

To date, those that have impacted you the most are:

  • No lifetime maximum limits
  • Dependent coverage to age 26
  • No pre-existing condition exclusions for children <19 years
  • No FSA reimbursement for over-the-counter, non-prescribed drug
  • FSA health contributions capped at $2,500
  • Minimum loss ratio rebate checks from Aetna since more than 15% of premium was spent on administrative costs in 2011.
  • In-network preventive care covered in full, not subject to deductible
  • In-network additional women’s preventive care covered in full, not subject to deductibles

By October 1, 2013, all active employees regardless of job classfication will be notified of the new public exchanges (click here) where one can shop for health insurance for coverage starting as early as January 1, 2014.

Beginning on August 1, 2014, some previously ineligible employees who work on average at least 30 hours/week or 130 hours/month over a 12 month measurement period may be eligible to enroll in the Basic PPO plan.

Information about health care reform and what it means for you can be found on the following websites: